Essay on Independence Hall And Liberty Bell

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Located steps away from the historic Independence Mall, a section of the Independence National Historical Park where Independence Hall and Liberty Bell are found, is the National Constitution Center. The National Constitution Center prides itself as the first and only nonprofit, nonpartisan institution devoted to the United States Constitution. On September 16, 1988, President Ronald Reagan signed the Constitution Heritage Act of 1988 which established the Center. According to the Act it established:
“the National Constitution Center within or in close proximity to the Independence National Historical Park to disseminate information about the U.S. Constitution in order to increase the awareness of the Constitution among the American people.”
213 years after the signing of the Constitution, ground was broken in September 2000, and officially opened its doors on July 4, 2003. The mission of the museum “…seeks illuminate constitutional ideas and inspire active citizenship.” The museum also lists three goals that accompany their mission. The goals are as follows:
“to serve the nation and the world as the Museum of We the People, a national Headquarters for Civic Education, and America’s Town Hall. We illuminate the constitutional debates that affect the lives of all Americans by hosting constitutional conversations on Independence Mall in Philadelphia and across a range of media platforms, and we inspire active citizenship by celebrating the American constitutional tradition.”…

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