Indentured Slaves For Cheap Labor Essay

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The introduction of the New World initially brought upon the use of indentured slaves for cheap labor which was an effective system for a time. Demographically there became a high imbalance of birth rates and life spans in the southern colonies in contrast to the New England colonies. Consequently, the southern society was scarce on a labor source. With the discovery of the high in demand cash crop tobacco by Virginian John Rolfe, the south began its heavy reliance on agriculture. To fuel their economy, with the effectiveness of indentured labor weaning down, slavery became the next most convenient thing and eventually, with the introduction of the Middle Passage, having a substantial number of slaves became capable of altering a family’s social class in what was a very stratified society. South Carolina relied on slavery more than almost any other colony. With rice being their main staple cash crop, they needed a large amount of manual labor that just white immigrants were unable to fulfill. In contrast to the white settlers, the Africans “could be compelled to perform difficult work that whites found them so valuable … also because they were so much better at it” (Brinkley, 78). Having been from an agricultural society already, they were much more adept to working on a plantation than white settlers were ever initially prepared for. If a slave was not put on a plantation, they were put within their master’s home to become a house servant which was considered a “great…

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