Indentured Slaves And Indentured Servants Essay

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Essay 1 In the early days of the American Colonies cheap labor was mainly found through indentured servants. They were typically white Europeans who wanted to migrate to the new world but did not have the money to do so and in exchange for passage to the new world gave up their rights and became servants. Somewhere along the way the need for cheap labor rose and the need for indentured servants did as well. Though they were no longer just white Europeans looking for a fresh start. There were also black Africans that had been captured and sold to people in the colonies, though due to having no slave laws intact they were also considered to be indentured servants. Which would mean that they also were allowed the same opportunities to receive freedom dues. This eventually led to blacks being considered as slaves instead of indentured servants and laws created to take away their rights. Some people in the American colonies thought that they deserved less rights because of the color of their skin, but what led to this way of thinking. Indentured servitude began in the American colonies in 1607. They came from Europe by way of the Virginia Company. Due to the booming tobacco business and the fact that there was too much land to care for and not enough people to care for it, the farmers saw an opportunity to get cheap labor from indentured servants. Since there was now a need for work, and an incentive for people to work in the colonies, people would exchange their freedom for…

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