Indentured Servants And African Slave Labor Essay

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In the colonial South, both indentured servants and African slave labor became the main source of labor, but over the years the shortage of indentured servants caused the colonial South to favor slavery. Towards the end of the sixteenth century, the population of England grew as the economy worsens. England struggled with poverty and unemployment. Thousands of peasants and laborers became involved in problems such as crimes and poverty. West Country prompters encouraged the export of beggars in England to the colony of Virginia. Promoters offered to employ the poor while gaining profit (Taylor 52). During the seventeenth century, many people left England for the New World in hopes that the colonies will offer a change. The immigrants headed to the colonies consisted of mainly indentured servants. Indentured servants are people who are willing to work for years to get transported to the new world. Only a few immigrants arrived in the colonies as free, rich, and skilled men and women. Free men and women could afford to pay travel expenses and buy land (Taylor 59). In the colonial South, growing tobacco and sugar in plantations created a need for hard work and labor. Servants and slaves spent years of their life as a source of labor. Over the years, the rate of indentured servants arriving at the colonies slowly started to decline. The lack of indentured servants arriving at the colonies caused the colonial south to favor and encourage slave labor. The shortage…

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