Essay on Increasing Rate of Cesarean Sections

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Increasing Rate of Cesarean Sections

Humanity has been around for thousands of years and humans like most animals have existed due to the sexual reproduction of offspring. Women have been the mothers and birth givers since the beginning of time. They go through all the stressful acts of growth, hormones, and labor to give life to a beautiful innocent child that has been forming inside the womb for nine months. The child develops and matures through each trimester because the mother listens to her body, which is the most advanced technology that determines when to eat, nurture, and deciphers complications. The sexual reproduction process has always been the same for all women without change. However, the process and methods used
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There is no proven method to ensure the right steps are being taken to prevent danger and enable life. Only time shows whether methods can be deemed as successful, but all practices need to be closely observed and documented to gain a better understanding of how these theories are affective for infant delivery and mother health. Since women have been successfully giving vaginal birth since the beginning of time it proves that the process works properly. Humanity needs to find a way to continue this while providing comfort for the mother, assuring a healthy birth without serious complications, and no long term side affects. Unfortunately this is the real world and there are always possibilities of complication and error. While technology and drugs become more influential in modern practices the possibilities of complication become grater.
In the era of western medicine and technology, hospitals and doctors have recently developed new modern ways to deliver babies. The most common is becoming the Cesarean Section also know as a c-section. The c-section is a procedure where the mother receives a cut in the upper pubic area approximately 6 to 8 inches in length. This cut is continued down into the uterus where the child is being developed. Doctors then remove the child and sow the mother back up with both internal and external stitches. This allows the mother to receive a short amount of agonizing pain and instant relief of delivery. In duration of the

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