Increasing Popularity Of Cosmetic Surgery Among Female Consumers

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Explain and analyse the reasons for the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery among female consumers in Chinese market.

1. Introduction
Cosmetic surgery, a means to alter people’s appearance for a more desirable look, has been increasingly prevalent in China. In 2003, a female fashion writer Hao Lulu undertook multiple cosmetic operations and became the spokeswoman for Beijing EverCare Hospital (Luo, 2012). Her successful experience firstly indicates China’s modern artificial beauty. Afterwards, a growing number of the Chinese, particularly women, undertake cosmetic procedures. These women have spent around 20 billion yuan per year on perfecting appearance and lead to the flourishing industry of cosmetic surgery (Luo, 2013). To explain the reasons for the increasing popularity cosmetic surgery among Chinese women, this essay will analyse three factors that are culture, identity and motivation which influence consumers’ purchase decisions. More specifically, relevant theories and models will be respectively applied to the analyse rising consumption of Chinese cosmetic surgery. Finally it will argue that culture, identity and motivation play a significant role in the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery among Chinese women.

2. Culture
According to Blythe (2013), culture refers to a set of beliefs, attitudes, values and norms that is shared by a group of people. Ueltschy and Krampf (2001) assert that consumers see the self and environment in the cultural context and…

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