Increasing Organizational Leadership Through The Police Promotional Process

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The article I am summarizing is the Increasing Organizational leadership Through the Police Promotional Process. The author is P.J. Hughes the journal is Current Issues in Crime, Law, and Law Enforcement ISSN: 1935-3545 Volume 2, Issue 1 © 2010 Nova Science Publishers, Inc. Mr. Hughes article summary reflects the effects that promotions within the justice administration of what he calls hyper bureaucratic form of military organizations which mirror formal ranks of management and officers and promotions questionable chain of commands and hierarchy with the departments. Mr. Hughes article also addresses police organization maintaining a design of what he calls top down design of police communication.

Mr. Hughes article addresses deep insight to supervisor issues and leadership with the police department. The article review will lead to related areas and functions pertaining to the leadership, criminal justice management, and some of the related functions and aspects facing leadership promotion process within the criminal justice system. The author shares some insight and abundance of information and knowledge that effectively focus on these themes, mission, and the vision of the criminal justice system in promoting first-line supervisors. Many police organizations across the United States use traditional written assessments to promote officers, upper management, and first line supervisor positions within the…

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