Increasing Minimum Wage And Paying Living Wage Essay

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As the world is moving toward a better stage of economy, it requires a great amount of spending from consumers in order to keep the stage remains stable. However, this causes difficulties for families who are having a hard time in managing their expenses, or so-called families who are living under the poverty line. With a minimum wage of nine dollar and hour (California), it would be hard for one to be able to afford all the necessities that are needed in order to live in city like Los Angeles (LA). Therefore, increasing the minimum wage or paying living wage are solutions which workers are trying to push for in workplaces. The effects of increasing the minimum wage and paying living wage to workers have significant impacts on both workers and the economy.
Workers nowadays, who are living under the poverty line, are looking for an extra source of support which can help them get out of the difficult financing problem. The living wage is the only answer. It does not only help workers resolve their financial problems as mentioned above, but also allow them to afford the necessities that they need. According to Rajiv Bhatia, “A living wage generates an income sufficient to meet subsistence needs such as food, shelter, clothing, transportation, and child care” (1). By making this comment, Bhatia emphasizes his support for the workers’ hope of a chance to increase their living quality through the living wage. Moreover, Bhatia also notes, “Secondary economic benefits for a living…

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