Increasing Global Burden Of Depression Essay

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BA holds promise to reducing the global burden of depression as a treatment approach that is effective, easy to teach, scalable and acceptable to providers and patients across settings and cultures (Sturmey, 2009). BA has also shown promise across a variety of settings such as traditional mental health settings, exercise classes, hospitals and veteran’s hospitals, in-patient medical and substance misuse units and community, public mental health settings (Gros & Haren, 2011; Snarski et al., 2011). Concurrently, there is much interest in BA’s applicability, the ease of training therapists, ease of implementation and acceptability by providers and patients across diverse treatments settings and target conditions (Snarski et al., 2011). Populations in which BA research has been or is being conducted with promising results include individuals with depression comorbid with a variety of conditions (post-traumatic stress disorder, substance misuse, obesity, diabetes and cancer), patient of different ages (adolescents, college students, women and perinatal depression, elderly people in nursing homes and independent living contexts) and patients from different religious and ethnic backgrounds (Gros & Haren, 2011; Snarski et al., 2011; Sturmey, 2009). Another potential strength of this treatment is that its rationale is quite flexible, adaptable and acceptable and may be portable to traditionally hard-to-reach populations and regions (Kanter, Santiago-Rivera, Rusch, Busch, & West,…

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