Increasing Diversity Within The Nursing Essay

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Increasing Diversity in Nursing

With the growth of a population filled with different ethnicities, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, social views, social status, generational age gaps, and culture beliefs to list a few, the need to understand and support these unique differences as it relates to providing health care cannot be ignored. To improve the health and well-being of the nation’s people seeking medical care, a call to increase the diversity of the nursing workforce must be answered. To address the issue of increasing diversity in the nursing population, actions to address an increase in the diversity of student enrollment, retention of the academic student nurse, and recruitment by healthcare organizations during the hiring process of qualified professional nurses with diverse backgrounds is necessary.
Diversity in College and University Recruitment for the Student Nurse
Although some research has identified barriers hindering the success of multicultural student enrollment, little was being done to find what facilitates the success of the multicultural nurse. According to Grainger (as cited in Flores & Combs, 2013), one issue contributing to underrepresentation of minorities in nursing is the pool of individuals accepted into nursing schools. Representing to a population that is growing in number, enrollment of nursing students with different cultural and ethnic backgrounds will increase social and cultural understanding among patients thereby narrowing the…

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