Increasing Disparity Between The Wealthy And Poor Essay

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Today, unfair treatments have been gradually emerging in the world due to the rising inequality. The government attaches great importance to issues which are led by growing inequality due to they grow increasingly serious. To be specific, there are three main challenges which are produced by increasing inequality, is faced by the government: the growing inequality hinders the development of the economy, evokes political concerns, and generates the social difficulties. The increasing disparity between the wealthy and poor is a critical issue, and it severely impedes economic development. The number of poor people will increase, and the poor will become even poorer as the wealth gap widens. Moreover, the poor do not have enough money to spend which hinder the development of the economy. According to Fletcher (2015, p.1), the number of middle-class Americans has dropped by more than 10 percent since 1971, and inequality becomes worse with the decrease of the middle class. In other words, if the national revenue is controlled by the wealth as the amount of middle-class decreasing, the people in the middle class no longer have the ability to invest in the future. Furthermore, the declining of middle class not only lowered the consumptive level, and also not effectively enhance the development of the economy. Pomeroy (2014, p.1) points out that the gap between the rich and the poor widens as the wealthy continue to increase. Namely, it generates more inequality due to…

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