Increasing Cost Of Higher Education Essay

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The Increasing Cost of Higher Education Higher education is a prospect that many young Americans think is a necessary step toward the future. The mindset today is that the only way for an individual to be successful is through higher education where they can earn a degree and obtain a job that will set them up for a successful life. With this attitude more and more high school graduates are attending college to get a degree. This increase in attendance in the past few years has the demand for college sky rocketing; opening the door for colleges around the nation to increase the cost of attendance. The film Ivory Tower discusses this issue and makes the claim that the price of college tuition is increasing more than any other good or service in America and at this frightening rate soon college tuition will be set astronomically high. Young adults will simply not be able to afford college, even with loans. The increasing cost of higher education is depriving people of the education that is seen as a necessity in the nation today and is therefore a social problem. Personally, being a student at Assumption College I can attest to this problem of high tuition rates. Through sharing my own experiences I can present subjective perception as to why the increase of college tuition is a social problem. Assumption College is a private Catholic college, thus I was expecting to have to pay more to attend this institution than I would have to pay to attend a public college. The total…

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