Increasing Access For Effective Family Planning Essay

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Globally, increasing access to effective family planning is a growing concern. The recent United Nations World Population Prospect Report projects that the world’s population is on pace to pass 10 billion before 2100 (United Nations 2013). This, paired with increasing Malthusian concerns over the Earth’s ability to sustain these numbers, has led to a spike in awareness of measures that could help slow this increase. While the total fertility rate has declined worldwide in the last 40 years (World Bank 2012), there has been substantial resistance to family planning measures that may aid in curbing population growth.
Latin America, in particular, has a troubling history with distributing contraceptives and implementing comprehensive sex education in large part due to Catholic resistance and teachings. This has directly led to numerous problems including: poor family planning, sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, and unnecessary infections, injuries, and deaths resulting from abortions performed in unsafe conditions. Indirectly, the promotion of family planning in developing countries can have a domino effect resulting in a reduction of poverty and hunger and eventually contributing to “women’s empowerment, achievement of universal primary schooling, and long-term environmental sustainability” (Cleland, et all. 2006). With the political will to implement family planning practices and education about contraceptives, Latin America could achieve sustainable…

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