Incoming Watch Out

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To the extreme!!!! (flips over breaks elbow). As a child I was always a reckless and uncontrollable. I always bothered the shit out of my siblings and would either result in me getting hurt or them feeling tremendous pain. I was goofy as well when I was 5 years old, I went into the bathroom my shirt half tucked half tucked out. I looked at myself in the mirror and began to slightly move my eyebrows. I was in shock and screamed I could move my eyebrows! Mohamed started crying with laughter saying, “you didn’t know that already you dumbass”. My mom would always tell me to stop messing around, because I was always starting conflict or made the whole family in tears with laughter.

“Incoming watch out” my brother would say whenever he was wrestling with my cousin which whom was much
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Everyone dropped to the floor laughing and I was thinking what was wrong. “It’s disperse not diassperous” said my older sister and we later on entered Walmart. As soon as we got out of Walmart, I meet up with my cousins (MR and Ali Ali). I went hooping with them but one of them fouled me on the shot so I punched him. MR got angry but then “he was like imma let it slide but don’t try that shit again”. The very next day when I was wild I bit him on the arm and he screamed then I …show more content…
I loved video games as well. I was a child but I’m still angry to this day for what I did. One day, I was eating some honey and my hands were all sticky. I went over and picked up the hot wheels game that everyone loved and ruined it. My brother screamed said, “hooyo why didn’t you stop this stupid kid from ruining our game.” My mom said, “oh he’s just a kid it doesn’t matter.” I kept bothering my brother the next day punching him and then he got mad and pushed me. I got mad and pushed him down an entire flight of stairs. My mom then got mad at me and didn’t give me anything I wanted for

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