Income Inequality : The Great Wealth Divide Essay

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Income inequality’s dictionary definition is an event in which income is distributed in an uneven manner amongst a population. Income inequality is a large problem in the United States. But the U.S. has the tools to fix this issue; it just needs to be addressed correctly. Currently an issue in the U.S. is the great wealth divide. A wealth divide is a barrier between the people seen as “poor” or less financially stable and the people seen as “rich” or those who have a better grasp on wealth and financial stability. Income inequality and wealth divides go hand in hand because the root cause of wealth divides is income inequality. Income inequality causes wealth divides because of many different factors such as overall wealth and financial stability of the people between the people.
Wealth divides are a very important issue and deserve global attention because they are currently happening all over the world, and they are an ongoing problem involving everyone globally. An example of a current issue revolving around income inequality is is the great wealth divide in Chelsea, New York. There is a very large wealth divide between the “rich” and the “poor”. Chelsea has been going through changes revolving around its setting for quite a while now involving the types of businesses, economic market, daily life, living situations, and people. Some of these changes influence the type of people who live in Chelsea, the types of businesses that are now located in Chelsea, and the overall…

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