Essay on Income Inequality : A Large Problem For Decades

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Income Inequality Income Inequality has been a large problem for decades. Did you know that nearly one in seven children living in Canada lives in poverty? Poverty is said to be the biggest obstacle when it comes to health. Poor individuals are more likely to die at a younger age (Pimento & Kernested, 2015, p. 29). What exactly is income inequality? It is the unequal distribution of money in an economy. People are working long hours and are unable to make enough to support themselves and their families. The problem of not having enough money can negatively impact many aspects of an individual’s life; relationships, physical health, and most importantly psychological health. We, as a society, need to figure out a course of action to combat poverty. Whether it is being there for emotional support or by offering “free money” as mentioned by Rutger Bregman. While focusing on the health aspect of poverty, emphasis on psychological health, we discover the reality of how negative of an impact poverty has on someone’s mental wellbeing. In her 2014 article “How being Poor Makes You Sick”, Olga Khazan, quotes that poverty is “a serious medical problem” (para. 15). She also explains that there have been studies conducted that has proven the correlation between poverty and mental health problems. Rutger Bregman explains in his 2014 Ted talk speech “Why we should give everyone a basic income” that having a basic income for everyone would be the best solution in eradicating poverty…

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