Income Gender Inequality Essay

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Business report of income gender inequality written by Yanyan Li
Executive summary

This report investigates the impact of the social values and views on gender equality. A gender inequality refers to unequal treatment based on gender in which there is significance focus on the gap in wages between men and women, some may refer to this as a glass ceiling. This report examines the wage gap between males and females working full time. Moreover, the report also limit their analysis to full-time workers to make a valid comparison of earnings. Analysing the wage gap between males and female students are increasingly common. Due to college graduates there is a rise in proportion of the labour forces importantly for women. The objective of the report
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According to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (2014), women in Australia bring an average salary for about 283$.20 which is comparatively less than male full- time adult regular time earnings.Furthermore, the national gender pay gap is 18.2 % and it is not changing or fluctuating between 15 % and 18 % for more than two decades. Australian women have accountability towards being a carer in their spare time, as per the figures shown in Australian Bureau of Statistics, (2008) for children with disabilities it accounts for 92%, for primary carers as parents 70% and for primary carers for partners for about 52%. There have been changes made by the Australian government and the bureaucracy considers this as in important issue that needs to come over, the World Economic Forum (2013, pp 8-9) discusses about the calculating gender equality, changing from a high index of 15th in 2006 and it ranks 24th on the global index of measurement. In addition, as it shows in the research, Australian women often choose part-time job in lower-paid industries and worked insecure. (For example approximately 45 per cent of women in the workforce are employed part-time compared with around 16 per cent of men. See: Australian Bureau of Statistics,2009). Besides, there is also cause discrimination persists in the workplace. For instance, it happens when employers and co-workers treat women in …show more content…
Furthermore, the aid programme also plays a significant role in womens empowerment with providing health, governance, rural development sectors and education. Australia’s approach towards gender equality and gender empowerment is very focused and supportive because the programme’s objective is to work with the government and the civil society partners, making policies and collecting evidence efficiently, active involvement in the global debate concerning gender equality and womens empowerment and providing education about gender issues by participating in Global Ambassador for women and raising issues on the higher levels. According to Adema, (2013) there have been a rise in gender equality in the labour market, due to advantage of the female education, in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries from 58% to 72% for the year 1990 and in 2010, which shows the narrowing of the gender gap in the Australian Labour market, this shows that the actions are being taken seriously towards gender, the report also discusses about the direct link with the family and work which contribute towards considerations that are being taken care for women.

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