Income And Class Gap Essay

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The United States classifies our hierarchical class structure by the income brackets individuals reside in. These brackets rank the poorest poor to the most elite. The basis of the levels is on income, wealth, education, and occupation. The sections of a pyramid sort the classes into their group, with the majority of the population concentrated towards the lower levels. Political and economic power is fixated in the smallest socioeconomic bracket occupied by America’s wealthiest and most prestigious. This paper will outline the problems of the income and class gap, and propose solutions that may provide social supports to assist families ' move out of their financial stress.
The income inequality seen in the United States today is detrimental to the upward mobility of individuals’ wealth, availability of goods and
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Their research described how lower incomes have negative consequences associated with poverty, lessened health security, and more financial strain in day-to-day expenses. Perhaps one of the most profound outcomes of the inequality of income in the United States is that it concentrates power to the most elite and rich class. This has widened the gap even more because it affects political decision making that does not represent the majority as a whole (Neumayer, & Plumper, 2016). Since the wealthiest are able to influence government the most, it skews political legislation to favor the wealthiest individuals, even if they are a minority. Income inequality can have an overwhelming effect on availability and affordability to those of lower income to seek health care and benefits and ultimately keeps the poorest individuals in a state of poverty.
The problems from the income inequality recycle for children of families with low income. Authors Stephen R. Cook & Gary W. Evans (2014), describe in their research that the continued economic disparities in our country

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