Essay about Inclusive Education And Special Educational Needs

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Introduction and rational

I have been concerned with inclusive education and special educational needs (SEN) since childhood. Being taught in a world where nobody understood how my brain worked, where my differing developmental patterns were explained by labelling me as first ‘stupid’ and later ‘lazy’ made it difficult for me to view myself in any other way. I felt that as a child I was expected to somehow justify my difficulties, my behaviours, my brain, myself in a world of Adults who felt they knew better. It was in acquiring a new label that I found my freedom: Dyslexia, the solution to all these pressures, unfair expectation and beliefs in my abilities and motivations. Being diagnosed with dyslexia entitled me to support; it pointed to strategies that might help me cope with tasks I found more difficult than others and most importantly it enabled myself and others to make sense of my behaviours, learning patterns and seemingly inconsistent abilities. It was not until hearing about the social model of disability that I began to question whether what was disabling me, what made it harder for me to learn, was not something within myself, a problem I had to overcome, but rather a consequence of the way society functioned () and the structures of schools designed to assimilate people to that society by reconstructing social norms ().
The freedom, support and success that I ascribed in no small part to my diagnosis of dyslexia meant that when I again entered the mainstream…

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