Inclusive Education And Its Impact On Education Essay

760 Words Jul 25th, 2015 4 Pages
In recent years, education policies have been progressively shifting towards inclusive education in many countries. As there has been a significant increase of inclusive classroom, educators and families should be educated on the effects of this type of education on children with special needs. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the intensive research that has been conducted on what inclusive education is as well as the history of inclusive education and the benefits of inclusive education. In addition, the paper will also discuss how educators, students and parents feel about inclusion classrooms.
It is important for all educators, parents and families to understand what inclusive education is and how it can benefit the children. As inclusive classroom and education can be helpful for children with special needs, parents and families should know the effects it may have on their child’s development. Inclusion education and classrooms is relatively new in the education system and is still a controversial issue in regards to special education because of the little research done on the effects of inclusion education and classrooms.
As important it is for parents and families to understand what inclusion education is; it is just as important for the families to know what types of services are available for them and for their children. Students with disabilities are entitle services that the schools must provide. These services are not just implemented in…

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