Inclusion Of Inclusion For Special Education Essay

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Inclusion Plan-of-Action Most people think of inclusion as something only for the special education students, but I believe that every student in the general education classroom should have access to inclusion. The textbook Those Who Can, Teach, defines it as, “… the commitment to educate each child, to the maximum extent appropriate, in the regular school and classroom” (Ryan & Cooper, 2013, p. 73). This is a good definition but I believe that inclusion is more than just educating a student along with their peers. It requires collaboration with others, Response to Intervention (RTI), and Differentiate Instruction (DI).
Philosophical Statement I believe that collaboration is one of the key factors in having an inclusive classroom. I feel that every student should benefit from this, not just the special education student. Collaboration requires every person to have buy in into the education process. According to Worrell, collaboration and communication between all members of the team is the basis for a successful inclusion program (Worrell, 2008, p. 47). When I willingly collaborate with others in the school, I can meet the needs of every student in my classroom. Besides collaboration, I believe that to provide inclusion to every student, I must provide support to the student at the earliest point possible. To do this, I believe Response-to-Intervention’s (RTI) three-tier approach is best. This three-tier approach starts with my general education…

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