Essay on Inclusion Observation And Reflection On Children

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Inclusion Observation and Reflection
1. Question: What were Samantha’s father’s hopes, dreams and concerns for his daughter? Answer:
Hope & Dreams: Samantha 's father wants the very best for her and wants to see her go far in life. He wants her to continue to develop new skills and move forward, never backwards.
Concerns: He wants her to be in a place that she can be challenged, able to learn and progress that is comfortable for her.

2. Question: What specific things did you learn about that programs do to support families in realizing their hopes and dreams and in addressing the concerns family members have for their child?
Answer: One of the biggest things that I saw that the programs due to support the children that have special needs is they really take the time to get to know the family and the children that are involved with the program. The teachers as well as members of the program that helps children with needs will spend time with the child and parents individually to help understand how the child feels and expectations for the parents.

An example given in the video was when they spoke to having different teachers to come in and work individually with the children, whether this in on their fine motor skills or language.

3. Question: From the video, what specific kinds of supports and teaming did you observe in the classroom that ensured Samantha’s participation?
Answer: The focus on what Samantha was doing has helped to continue with her participation.…

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