Inclusion For Students With Special Needs Essay

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The issue of inclusion for students with special needs has been a continuing debate with advocates for it, against it, and the rest somewhere in between. No two special needs students ' are alike, which adds to the difficulty of structuring a successful program. The program requires the special needs teachers and general education teachers to restructure their classroom to provide accommodations among the teachers, students, parents, and the learning institution. The term inclusion is an anomaly of its own. The questions range from what does inclusion mean to whether the inclusion of special needs students should be full-time or part-time. Implementing a legal structure to educate children with disabilities is one of the first steps for determining the proper placement regarding inclusion for special needs students. Special needs students should be included in inclusionary courses based on their skills; particularly those courses that are interactive. Exclusionary courses, when implemented properly, facilitates in enhancing the special needs students’ social skills, their learning ability and brings awareness to the general education population.
Determining the Appropriate Environment
There are various arguments regarding whether inclusive classes for special education students should be full time, part time, or not offered at all. Inclusion classes should be based on the ability for that student in succeed in the course. Some parents of special needs students are…

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