Inclusion For Children With Disabilities Essay

1231 Words Dec 10th, 2016 5 Pages
What is inclusion? Inclusion helps students with disabilities transition into general education classes and setting with their same-age peers without disabilities. Instead of having the disabled child learn in a separate, confined classroom, this helps to merge the school community and to give everyone the chance to participate fully in school activities. This means education is based on the needs of each individual student, not on his or her disability “label.” It is important to include children with disabilities in general education classrooms because it can help improve social and communication skills for both disabled and non-disabled children. It will also help students with disabilities develop stronger connections to other non-disabled students through participation in both classroom academic and non-academic school learning activities. These activities can include field trips, sports games, and other social gatherings. The goal is to help children of all abilities bond and create a stronger community.
Researchers have identified cultural and emotional barriers that cause people to resist the idea of students with disabilities sharing the same classroom as children without disabilities. In most cases, it’s due to the simple matter of prejudice. Although some parents feel as though including children with disabilities into general education classrooms may lead to the suffering of the non-disabled children’s education, it has actually been proven that the academic…

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