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Include Impact/ Importance

What is the difference after each war in the U.S.?
Why do we get WWI us. WWII/ WWII us. Cold War?
What ifs.
Between the period of 1914 to 1945 the United states of America had changed dramatically. From the beginning of WWI the U.S. foreign policy was almost nonexistent, and its Economy was growing especially do to the amount of immigrants and it was in a time called the Gilded age. After the war was over the was an economic boost and then a huge economic downfall called the great depression which was caused by the constant use of credit and this led the country to have a huge amount of debit. After WWII was over the united states made an effort to stay connected to Europe. These are just two of the differences in economy and foreign affairs at the end of both WWI and WWII. In WWI and WWII there is are immense about of change in the American approach towards Economy, Foreign Policy, and Politics .
The End of WWI
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Unlike a large number of european countries the U.S. did not have any land destroyed. Manufacturing, productions an efficiency had increased because it was necessary during the war. By the end of teh war the U.S. had come out an industrial leader, and the economy was booming. This led the country to a period called the Roaring Twenties with the a huge increase in consumerism and wealth. However, with all of this increase there was a consequence because there was inflation that led to the stock market crash. It started with everyone buying thing off of credit and a huge amount of debt in the country. They there was a domino effect that led to the bank taking things from their customer like foreclosing houses as a payment for the debit. By this time ¼ americans were either jobless or

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