Incidents That Changed My Life Essay

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Coming up as a child, I witnessed multiple incidents that changed my life. I have been through incidents that have physically, mentally, and emotionally impacted my life. However, there are three incidents that stand apart from every other incident I have encountered. These incidents involve my mom trapped in a shootout, a deer sprinting into my vehicle, and the death of my cousin.
I was around the age of seven or eight when the incident happened. All I remember is my mom taking my sister and I to my aunt 's house late one night because she had to go see a patient. Around three o 'clock the next morning, I can recall hearing my aunt screaming, and naturally I got up to go see what was going on. I find her crying, not knowing what happened until my uncle calmed her down, she than told me my mom was shot. Tears instantly started running from my eyes, and the only thing I was thinking was “Am I about to lose the only person that cares about me?” Because of her getting shot, she had to stay in the hospital for about two months. Her injuries were so serious that she had to go to therapy sessions to learn how to walk as well as use her arm again. Having to see my mom experience learning how to do something she already knew how to do really had me hurt to my soul. I knew she did not want my sister and I to feel bad for her, so we did not let her see us down. Knowing she would get mad she would get mad if she seen us with a depressed look on our faces. I knew she was not the…

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