Essay on Incidents During The Life Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacobs

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Incidents in the life of a slave girl which is written by harriet jacobs, is an autobiography which describes the tragedy and painful life of herself in inspiring and strong contexts, she chose to write the book and public instead of kept it a secret, with the publication of the book and her determintation of ending slavery, it made a tremendous effect on antislavery movement and sexual expliotation. At the time, most of the antislavery movement focus mainly on the physical harm that slavery have caused, a few of writers mention the psychological depreviation that slaves have to endure, by describing the physical brutality, the author successful demonstrate the spiritual and psychological wound that slavery has brought to the african american society. Furthermore, the author does not focus solely on her own experience, but also the life of many others, aside from her own tragedy, the author emphasis the life of other african american, not only the unpleasant and unbearable tortune they are receiving, but also the struggles and sacrifices they have to make in order to live normal and freely. The book consists numerous metaphor and simile and other literature techniques to reflect the african americans in details. The imagery of the Linda 's seven year imprisonment reflect the physical and mental state of african americans at that time, it emphasis the imprisonment of their body and the narrow perspective of their mind during the era.
The story opens up with first person…

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