Incidents During The Life Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacobs Essay

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Incidents In The Life Of a Slave Girl

This book was written by Harriet Jacobs as in autobiography of her life. She takes an audience roll in the book and names the main character Linda Brent. Harriet writes it this way so that if someone were to read it they won’t know it is her. The book was written before the civil war and since she was a slave, she was often fearful for her life. When reading this book there were several things that stood out as to why Harriet Jacobs wrote this book. When she was a young girl she was as happy as most children are, she did not realize she was a slave until 6 years into her life. Her father was a hard working man who did carpentry and traveled great distances to work. She loved her parents and her brother very much and valued the life they had until she began to grow older and realize what kind of life she was living. Harriet also held her grandmother very close to her heart, her grandmother was a slave but her owner died leaving her set free with money and freedom with her kids. When you look at the story as a whole you see a young women who is trying to escape the slavery she has been living in and get her kids to a free life. You see how she writes it to help prevent slavery from continuing and affecting future generations of African Americans. The author is writing to mostly women because a lot of the issues throughout the book are ones that women can understand more than men. While Harriet’s character, Linda is working under Mr.…

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