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Excavation Safety Quiz
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1. Plywood cannot be used as a structural member for shoring systems unless the system is designed by a professional engineer.
True False
2. The "four-foot rule":
Refers to your means of escape from an excavation Says a means of escape must be provided if an excavation is more than four feet deep Says the exit must be within 25 feet of every worker All of the above
3. Employees in a trench must wear hard hats at all times.
True False
4. All excavations are trenches.
True False
5. In the event of an accident:
Heavy equipment may be used to free the victim All workers should go to the accident area to assist the rescue First aid should only
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A type "C" soil must be sloped at ______.
1H:1V 1/2H:1V 1 1/2H:1V 1/2V:1H
30. Employees are allowed inside a trench shield during:
Vertical movement Horizontal movement Installation None of the above
31. A trench could be considered a "confined space."
True False
32. In designing a protective support system, factors to consider are:
Soil classification OSHA's analysis of site conditions Water and content of soil Both a and c
33. Ladders must extend 3 feet above the edge of the excavation.
True False

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Electrical Safety Quiz
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1. Ground fault circuit interrupters are required on 600V receptacles on construction sites where that receptacle is not part of the permanent building wiring.
True False
2. At what intervals shall cord sets & receptacles that are not fixed or part of the building or structure be tested?
1 month 2 months 3 months 4 months
3. What type fire extinguisher is used to put out an electrical fire?
Class A Class B Class C Class A or B
4. How often must GFCI's be tested?
1 month 2 month's 3 month's They do not need to be tested
5. The ground fault circuit interrupter or GFCI is designed to shut off electrical power within 1/40th of a second
True False
6. A string of temporary lights shall be suspended

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