Essay on Incest Taboo : An Overview By Levi Strauss

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In his works of Kinship, Levi Strauss marks a departure from the works of his early predecessors. He is known as a Belgian Anthropologist who lived between 1908-2009 and his area of work was mainly in France where he received the guidance of a French anthropologist. The major reference of distinction between Levi Strauss and the other anthropologists deals with the way of looking at the arrangements of the primitive societies. Anthropologists like , Radcliffe Brown, Malinowski, Emile Durkheim developed their understanding on the nature of primitive societies by gathering the primary data and studied primitive societies in great details and explored the various rules governing the present form of primitive societies. Levi Strauss, on the other hand, embarked on a linguistic approach to delve into the dynamics of language of primitive societies prevalent in the discourse of rules governing the lives of people in primitive societies. Levi Strauss conceptualized primitive man in a way that would provide us with an understanding that primitive man did not live in a different parallel universe, but she lived in a universe similar to any other form of human society and her thought process bear resemblance to the thoughts of the others living in the society. Levi Strauss gave primacy to the nature of primitive structures that constitute an universal and important principle of human civilization. Levi Strauss used his anthropological…

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