Essay about Incarceration Of The Criminal Justice System

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Newburn (2012) said that in mid-2012 they were 139 prisons and about 87,000 prisoners in both England and Wales. Reducing reoffending in the society costs the criminal justice system a lot of money, when an ex-offender re-offends it costs an average of £65,000to the point of re-imprisonment and after imprisonment, it cost as much as £37,000 a year they are in prison. Also the total record of crime committed by ex-offenders in the society is estimated at around £11 billion a year (Secretary of State for Education and Skills 2005:10)

When talking about reducing reoffenders, one must take into account drug and alcohol misuse, because there a solid connection between offenders who use drug and alcohol reoffending. The ministry of justice (2013:5) said that there a link between prisoners who drink alcohol every day after they had been released, that there are more likely to be reconvicted within a year than those who don’t drink. To help offenders not reoffend and get into employment or some kind of training, nowadays a number of intensive treatment and drug works are available to all prisoners however not all offenders who need help can access it especially those who are short-term and remand prisoners. Furthermore when offender are release most of the work they did on their drug misuse are not continued in the community so they ease back into their old habits and end back in prison (Social Exclusion Unit, 2012).

Access to a steady accommodation is very important to…

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