Incarceration Is A Part Of American History Essay

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Mass incarceration is ideally a part of American history. The increasing number of the prison population is alarming contrasting to the decrease of crime in the United States. The Caging of America depicts the relationship between mass incarceration and racism and mass incarceration and the crime rate. Gopnik shows that during the period of which incarceration rates were going up in the entire country, the crime rate was dropping, particularly in New York, therefore showing the cause of the crime fall had no linkage with prison over population. Gopnik sheds light to high rates of incarceration and the fact that incarceration should not be a method of crime control. The basis of using incarceration as a crime control method is the ideology that the criminal justice system is destroying lives by warehousing prisoners, not giving them a chance to have a better life while the bigger picture is to focus on the prison system. Incarceration had a minimal effect on crime rate because in the 1980-1990s the broken window model of policing which then reformed to the Stop and Frisk was used as a repressive tool of particularly Black African American males because it targeted low income areas. Gopnik sheds light on the feeling prison evokes, the distinction between time and prison and how there is not much of a correlation because prison inevitably becomes time, time is then the punishment in which a prisoner tries to keep in touch with as it dwindles away within the four walls of each…

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