Essay about Incarceration Is A Common Form Of Punishment

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Incarceration is a common form of punishment in addition to having to pay a fine under the law for people who commit a crime. Depending on the severity of the crime, prisoners can sit in prison for years and years. In a worst case scenario, they can even sit in prison till death. This can be problematic because once they do come out of prison, they often have a hard time adjusting and it is likely that they will commit the crime again. However, at the same time, it is debatable to say that these prisoners deserve these kinds of punishment and that the whole point of the prison system is to isolate them from the world because they did commit a crime. I chose this topic of the effects of incarceration because it is interesting to note whether putting criminals in jail does any good and will it actually stop them from committing crimes. According to the United States Department of Justice, “Statistics show that 30% of adult offenders released from state prisons are rearrested within the first six months of their release. Even worse, within three years of their release from prison this increases to 67%, or two out of three, ex-offenders returning to prison.”
In the case of Michael Santos, an ex-prisoner, after he served 45 years in prison for drug distribution and was lead out, the world became different to him. Upon his release, he forgot how to drive a car and was unaware of that until he was behind the wheel of the car. Even though he passed his driver’s license exam, his…

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