Inbreeding And Purity Essay

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Register to read the introduction… A division within a race can be caused by many things such as a lack of misunderstanding about themselves as well as culture. Though complexion discrimination is not the most popular subject in many intellectual conversations, it has been publicized to show exactly how much this exists in blacks of past and today. In a popular book about the heritage of people from a historical part in Natchitoches, Louisiana expresses how strong many fair skinned people from Cane River felt about a pure bloodline and image for their family (Cane River, Lalita Tademy, 2001). Many descendants of Cane River believed in making it an obligation that the children of these families only bore children for those who were extremely light, white, or even in the family. The popular family names that hail from Cane River such as Rachal, Metoyer, Augustine, Lacour, and many more are extremely sanctimonious for their light complexions, hair, and other features (, page 2, 2009). Like most children by slave masters, these children appeared as white and show little if any features of being African American. Unfortunately, this was an advantage from birth for “mulatto” children. Many of the ancestors from Cane River only wanted the same advantages for their children, which caused many of those children to be “color stricken”. Though some of the families from Cane River were not the …show more content…
Society can be much closed minded to new trends and unfortunately, darker African Americans suffer more. Cosmetic industries do not have many products that cater to the darker complexion for women of color. The limits that are set makes it difficult for dark skin children to see themselves as being just as beautiful as lighter children which lowers their self-esteem. Various studies have proved how black children see themselves and what they long & desire to be. All of these elements are reasons many of African American children feel as if they are not good enough. Products to enhance beauty for darker blacks have not increased in being made to match their natural appearance, but rather to match the appearance of those with lighter skin. Bleaching creams and many other skin lightening tools have been purchased by African Americans has been increased in the last decade. The superior image of African Americans are looked at to be blacks of lighter skin instead of the realistic images showing that African Americans come in many diverse shades and they are all unique and

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