No Pain No Gain Of American Dream Essay

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No pain no gain of America dream People from world came America for better life. "It passed from generation to generation, that God given promise: that all are equal all are free everyone deserve to pursue their full measure of happiness." (Barack Obama Inaugural Speech 2008. )When I see my uncle, it was like dreams come to reality as Obama said. Now my uncle has big house, great job, two kids and a lovely wife. I certainly believe that; success is not won by chance, no pains no gains. Uncle is my grandparent’s first child. His name is hongming zou. Therefore he faced more responsibility than my second uncle and my mom. It was him to bring my parents came to America. It was him who helped my mom and me to achieve my life dream …show more content…
I believe you been to America for so many years some of things are memorable so what was the most signification event you have ever experienced?” “The Golden Venture tragedy brought to world attention the thriving multinational criminal enterprise that made millions by transporting immigrants from Fujian Province to the US. And that is one of reason I came to America.” “I believe recall your life some of people did give you guides and inspire your life like you did to me. So who do you appreciate most in your life? “My parents, it is them that instilled the idea of study hard, work hard and contribute to the society.” “I think every parent in the world have their greatness. I believe every people have their own dream. Although not all of them can come true. What is your dream?” “I want have a lovely family, a fulfilling job with reasonable pay. My entire dream has come true.” “That is a simple but everyone wishes. I want know that what do you appreciate most about your life? “I appreciate my family and financial security. Family teaches me what is love and responsibility and financial security give me substance support. I get both physical and spiritual

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