Inadequate Staffing Causes Tension And Stress Among Nurses Essay

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Insufficient staffing causes tension and stress among nurses. When there is not enough staff for patient care, it can cause nurses to compromise the safety of the patient, infection rates begin to increase and patient and families are not satisfied with their patient care. These are just a few areas that can be affected by inadequate nurse staffing. Hospitals should have a staffing plan, patient are people with needs, and one person with a particular illness may take more time from a nurse than another patient of the exact same age with the exact same problem. There are an increasing number of turnover rates, and staff absentees. Providing the appropriate amount of staffing should be the number one priority for any health care setting.
There are four possible reason that nurse shortage even exist;
1. The lack of nurse positioning being filled, and funded nurse jobs openings. The most noticeable evidence is the amount of nursing job vacancies. Nurse are just not enthused about providing care in the health care settings.
2. The lack of funding in the healthcare settings, nurse are willing to work, but not enough funding to staff the adequate amount of nursing. This is the classic nurse shortage reason. Staffing based on the financial stand point than on the patient care.
3. Not aware of the need for nurses to provide care for a patient population. Patient are not receiving the therapeutic care that an experience registered nurse can provide, which cause poor patient…

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