Inaction And Action In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Prompt #4: To Be or Not To Be Inaction and action contributes to different perspectives of living life. These two concepts foil with each other to create a self-struggling environment that initiates internal conflict. Shakespeare’s Hamlet emphasizes the turbulence of a strong nation, Denmark, through times of death and suspicion among the main characters. Hamlet, the son of the deceased king, contemplates his role in the future of the kingdom while reconciling his defeatist attitude with motivation to kill his father’s murder, King Claudius. Despite his perseverance in proving his uncle’s treasonous actions, his inaction and action is his tragic flaw and ultimately leads to his self-destruction by thoughts of suicide. His sensitivity creates …show more content…
Although Hamlet appears to care for Ophelia, he only shows this emotion at sparse yet emotional scenes in the play. Gertrude affects Hamlet’s ability to trust women as they are weak and deceptive to control men’s thoughts and actions. Hamlet’s contemplation of suicide and interaction with Ophelia are juxtaposed chronologically and logically to free him from lurking evils and demons in his mind. While Ophelia is referred to a “nymph…be all my sins rememb’red” (Shakespeare III.i.34-35), Hamlet appears to genuinely show care and emotion despite spite in the generalization of women’s sexuality. Hamlet suffers from extreme hubris due to independence of personality. Arrogant attitude toward women identifies Hamlet’s lack of morality and capacity to search for the validity of life. Searching for the truth has consequences which causes Ophelia to distance away from her love and slowly become demoralized and insane. During the end of the soliloquy, it appears to the audience that Hamlet is not “play-acting” anymore. The combination of long and complex sentences with symbolic imagery contributes to Hamlet’s emotional delivery of his incompetence and isolation within his own companions, family, and kingdom. By internal insurrection, Hamlet motivates himself to learn the truth about Claudius, Gertrude, and Ophelia for an uplifting

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