In The Time Of The Butterflies Chapter Summary

In the Time of butterflies
In the book “in the time of the butterflies” by Julia Alavarez, Julia takes us back to what was living life during Rafael Trujillos dictatorship. Julia tells us the story of the Mirabal sisters, who fought against Trujillo dictatorship after Trujillo was in blamed for the death of their father. In a brief summary, Julia starts with Dede; the only sister left as she tells the story of her sisters through flashbacks to an American reporter. The location was Dominican Republic in 1943. Dede tells the reported how the third sister, named Patricia convinced her parents to send her with her older sister to boarding school. In bordering school Minerva, the oldest sister meets a girl named Sinita who confesses to Minerva that all the men in her family have been killed by Trujillo’s man;
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Years later, when Minerva is invited to a party hosted by Trujillo, Trujillo tries to pull an inappropriate move on Minerva, after she rejects him Trujillo arrested her dad and ends up being in blame for Minervas dads’ death. In revenge Minerva joins a movement against Trujillo, her sister Mate later joins. The movement was in charge of showing how bad Trujillo really was, he killed and threw in jail people who opposed him and reported them as disappeared. Minervas third sister ends up joining later due to the fact that her husband was part of this movement too, they were the “Butterflies”. After Trujillo finds out who the butterflies are and he sends Minerva and Mate to jail. After they are released Patricia receives a surprise visit by Trujillo, were he states that he will do anything to release the Mirabal sisters’ husbands whom had been arrested for being part of the movement that went against him. It was all an ambush because on the way back from jail, Trujillo’s men killed all three sister. This book does a great job on showing how bad Trujillo was and showing us that regardless of the time period, there was

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