History In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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How does one come to understand a history that has shaped us, but have not experienced it themselves? Us as people fathom a world that we come from. We do this by using something called imaginative archaeology. It is a way of thinking about what is left of the past, about the temporality of what remains about the facts, and processes of what was. Fiction itself is a form of prose, that describes imaginary events and people. Especially in short stories or in novels. Factual evidence of history that has occurred is very limited.

Throughout the history of our work, and past people many factors of discrimination, inequality have been brought more to our attention told through stories from people who have actually talked about it from their eyes
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Like the ranchers in the novel “Of Mice and Men”. The writing is fictional, and not true. Though some of the facts presented in this story are true facts taken out to make a story. The tragedy usually features some main character who experiences something from good to bad. This experience is brought by a flaw of the character, or by a mistake that they make. In this case, George 's flaw is his trust in Lennie. At the end of the book even George is brought to a realization that the trust should not have been there. Which then finally brings us to believe that a type of writing that wants to convince you that everyday people matter. Of Mice and Men portrays a very particular type of realism and naturalism when the narrator looks at the characters as though their technical and obvious ways. Naturalist novels often look at the world as a place where you have to fight to survive., no matter what the odds may be. This story brings you to believe that the people that are in your life should be enough to move you through everyday challenges. The author of this book fills the story with facts even though it may not be real, but still uses fiction to make a better understanding to the

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