Essay on In the Case Study for Carl Robins

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In the Case Study for Carl Robins Tashon Cooper University of Phoenix COM/215 September 17, 2012 Stephanie Miclot

In the Case Study for Carl Robins, there were some questions that needed to be asked. What was or were the issue(s)? Why do these problem(s) exist? What caused them? What is the effect of the problem(s) on the organization or the relationships among individuals in the organization? Who is responsible for or affected by the problem(s)? What is to be learned from the mistakes that were made? Through it all, Carl was the center piece of a series of situations that happen at the ABC Inc. because he didn’t follow-up on making application done correctly, follow-up on making sure he had all the material, and more
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Now instead of Carl be that hard charger in the beginning, he begins to slack off by no following up on the things he need from the new hires. Monica gave Carl a call on May 15 to check up on how the process the training schedule, orientation, manuals, policy booklets, physicals, drug tests and other things that maybe an issue. Monica just wanted to make sure that Carl was doing what he was supposed to do because he wasn’t given her any updates on the new hires that she was supposed to be getting. Carl made it seem very much clear that he would have all of the paperwork, schedule, tests, and etc. organized and on time. He still thought that he had enough time left, so he didn’t really push the issues that were to come.
Memorial Day had just passed by the day before. Carl was in the office for a while and realized that he needed to finalize the paperwork on the new trainee file that he had stored for safe keeping for the June 15 orientation. He then realized that he was in a very bad jam by not following up on anything that he was supposed to with the information on the new trainees. As he looked through the files with horror, he saw nothing for the training schedule was posted for the new trainees, the orientation was just weeks away from now, found three orientation manuals with quite a few of the pages were missing form each book and 15 manuals are needed for the 15 new hires, zero policy booklets found, and no one went to the clinic for the

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