In The Bed Bedroom Analysis

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Authors and directors have to make many choices to make when writing a story or writing a script for a movie, and each choice could have a very impactful outcome to the characters in the work. The different choices the director or writer makes can add drama, suspense, and emotion to their works. In the short storyKillings,” and in the movie, “In the Bedroom,” author Andre Dubus, and director Todd Fields made impactful decisions that added suspense and emotion throughout their work, and these moments in their writing added power and drama for readers enjoyment.
In the short story “Killings” by Andre Dubus used symbolism to give emotion to the character. He chose to incorporate facial expressions, especially the eyes, to allow the readers to feel the character's reaction and feelings. When Matt’s son died, family and community members felt sorry for his loss, and he could “see the affection and courtesy in their eyes” (1176). Dubus described Stout as having “dark eyes” (1178); Stout was a dark and cold-blooded individual who was jealous of Frank for having Mary Ann. Frank’s eyes had “blood under the white of the eye” (1178); Frank was innocent and
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Dubus had a greater focus on character emotions, which he expressed by describing their eyes, and also he was more straightforward describing the killing of Stout. Field’s version of “The Killings” centered on the relationships between the different characters and how the death of Frank affected the family and friends. This choice made an emotional film focused on Frank’s death rather than the revenge and killing of Stout. The choices and authorial decisions of both Dubus and Field’s impacted the effect of the story line by creating a dramatic and suspenseful story line. Both the author and director made the choice of leaving the readers question whether Matt was caught or escaped punishment for his

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