Loud And Incredibly Close, By Jonathon Safran Foer

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We are the sum total of all the people we meet in our life. We meet people that we love through life and people that may come into our lives that may be there for a reason but may not be there to stay. However, if the people we love are ever taken away the grief can be unbearable. In the book Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathon Safran Foer, Oskar Schell, a 9 year old boy, loses his father in 9/11 or what he calls the “worst day.” Oskar sets out on an expedition to solve the enigma surrounding a key he found in his dads closet and the circumstances as to how his dad died. The expedition Oskar embarks on shows that grief over a loved one can cause a journey for acceptance and closure, leading to self- awareness and discovery. Post-Traumatic …show more content…
The mystery of the key is finally revealed as Oskar meets William Black. The key was left to William Black when his father passed away in order for him to open a safety deposit box. Oskar meeting William Black was one of the best moments he could’ve had on his adventure because he was able to resonate with and open up to someone who understood his grief. He tells William about the messages and how “he needed me, and I couldn’t pick up. I just couldn’t pick up” (301). By Oskar finally opening up and not sheltering himself from his emotions or others and finally confronting his guilt he starts to become stronger and finally start the healing process. A few days after the meeting with William Black, Oskar goes to visit his dad’s grave. As he is being driven to the cemetery he opens the sunroof and sticks out his body to look at the stars. However, when they are about to pass under a bridge the driver, Gerald, tells him to go back in the car so he doesn’t get hurt. At that moment, Oskar in his brain made the word “invincible” (317). Though Oskar still makes up inventions and “makes” words, the word “invincible” shows he has achieved a healthier state of mind from the beginning of the book when all he could see was the word “fragile.” When Oskar gets home from visiting his father and “burying” his memory, he tries to go to bed but can’t without talking to his mom. As he talks to her he cried and “wanted to tell her all of the lies I’d told her” (324). Oskar’s father set up the expeditions in order for him to expand his understanding of the world and establish relationships. Since the beginning Oskar’s relationship with his mom has been a rocky one but as he explored his feelings he realized that facing emotions will help him heal and in the process he re- established the most important relationship of all. Grief is usually categorized into 5 stages – denial, anger,

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