Impulse Purchasing And Market Of Purchasing Essay

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Have you ever wanted a product that you have done no research or reviewed? Yes, everyone is the victim of this type of purchasing because we all go into a store; purchase items that we purchased based on need. When it comes to buying, many consumers look for what’s best for them and not the most cost effective or the quality of the product. This method of purchasing is called “impulse purchasing”. The Consumer Topic today will be on Impulse Purchasing and research on why consumers are desperate to purchase at a unexpected timing.

Impulse Buying is when a consumer makes a unplanned decision to buy a product or service that it is based on immediate need. The most popular impulse purchase is when the consumer notices the item on sale or clearance that enables the impulse of purchasing the item before the opportunity is over. This behavior is the most common today because the market of products and services allow us consumers to purchase what and whenever we want. The consumer is determined to purchase the item and wonders later on if the product or service was a valid purchase or not. Impulse buyers usually are the people who have the funds to purchase the item, but is willing to go out of major extents to find that item that they’re looking for. The market determines on whether which consumers purchases the most on inpulse purchasing and find ways to market towards that certain group.

The first step of impulse buying from John LaCour of what marketers go off of is…

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