Improving Writing : Progression Towards Better Writing Essay

1075 Words Dec 8th, 2016 5 Pages
Progression Towards Better Writing My Writing has significantly improved because of my English 101 class this semester. My confidence in writing allowed me to freely express myself and continue to improve my writing. My work ethic and level of writing enhanced as a result of the curriculum taught in my English course. As a shy individual, my ability to participate and seek help was never something that intrigued me; However, my professor and fellow classmates alleviated some of my fears. Now my confidence has helped me open my eyes to new concepts and aid. The strict rules, and grading system implemented in this course helped push my writing abilities to new limits. The improvements made to my outlines, revisions, and overall way I articulate words, all contributed to what my writing is today. One of the major changes that benefited my writing was the outlines. Prior to this course I never used outlines and when needed to, my outlines would be in a very basic format. My Professor really strived for better outlines for all her students. My outlines in the begging of the course normally only stated my thesis and general topics that would be present in my essay. My outlines improved from a one page outline consisting of two sentences per paragraph, to a multiple page outline consisting of many detailed and specific sentence. My outlines transformed from stating the obvious points in my essay to virtually becoming a rough draft in itself. Before, my final essay…

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