Improving The Transition From High School Essay

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Every year as the summer draws to an end and September comes closer, university students prepare to head back to school. With about one million students enrolled in university across Canada, only about 30% of students graduate with a degree. Canada is among the most highly educated countries in the world, with about 25% of those aged 25 to 64 holding a college diploma and another 27% holding a university degree” (Coates & Morrison, 2016). Students are encouraged to make the transition from high school to university in order to secure a decent paying job. As the country’s population grows we need to analyze the job market and not funnel all of the high school graduates into university. This is due to the economy’s need for a diverse job market. These jobs do not all involve a high intellectual degree achieved from university. The current generation that is entering the workforce is the millennial generation. This generation is the digital era generation. With information at your fingertips and the expectation of instant knowledge, students are learning in different ways. With high numbers of graduates looking at underemployment and unemployment outcomes, millennials are starting the debate of the necessity of university. Even though university degrees give students a better chance at a higher paying job, too many kids are going to university because of the financial burden on both the student and the government as well as the fact that we are not all intellectually the…

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