Improving The Task Management Tool Process Essay

758 Words May 14th, 2016 4 Pages
Improving the Task Management Tool Process Each year, thousands of hours are lost due improper use of the Task Management Tool (TMT) process. Imagine the amount of time saved each day if TMT was utilized effectively. We would be able to focus more time and energy out on the flight line supporting real world combat, humanitarian, and support missions. The current TMT process has too many taskers with short suspenses which ultimately hinders daily operations. Proper TMT oversight, realistic suspenses, and appropriate access rights can alleviate the endless hours of managing the current process. First, the current TMT oversight by action officers will create a log jam at every level within the Wing. TMT is designed to consolidate tasks so that action officers could go to a single location to track a particular task. Previously, tasks were distributed via email transaction which created the inability to back track certain items and created a lengthy search for specific emails containing the data. However, over recent years, the TMT process has evolved to action officer’s inability to effectively utilize the system. Action officers continuously miss the mark with procedural deficiencies, creating additional work for the lower level Group and Squadron personnel. This lack of oversight will create additional work for secretaries at every level, which slows the current process. During evaluation season, it is almost impossible to meet short TMT deadlines. The amount of…

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