Improving The Quality Of Health Care Essay

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To enhance the quality of care health a wealth of knowledge and experience has accumulated globally over many decades. Despite this wealth of experience policy-maker had a problem to figure out which strategy would have the greatest impact on the outcomes of the delivery system.
In the United States, around $2.5 trillion is spent every year. Even with the developed health system and resources, Americans have shorter life expectancy and higher infant mortality rates which suggested that money spent is not translating into better health care.
To improve the quality of health, care the National Quality Strategy was published in March 2011, as the National Quality for Quality Improvement in Health Care. National Quality Strategy was developed through a transparent and collaborative process. It was based on inputs from different stakeholders. Around 300 groups, organizations, and individuals, which were part of all sectors of the healthcare industry and the public gave their opinions and comments. These inputs helped National Quality Strategy to establish three sets of aims, and these aims were supported by six priorities. Working Together to Improve Quality
Health and health care quality can improve if all sectors, family members, payers, providers, and communities, make it their mission. National Quality Strategy aims can be adopted by any health care community to provide better health and more affordable care to the community, and…

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