Improving the Performance of Quality Improvement Teams Essay

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Improving the Performance of Quality Improvement Teams
Within every company there is a customer, regardless of what your line of business is it is being done for the consumer albeit an external consumer or the internal consumer. The customer’s needs and expectations should be the driving force behind the decisions we make and the problems we solve…the customer, not our own personal or monetary gain. As quality improves we have to make sure that we are improving what matters to our customers not want we want to improve upon for own sake. What is quality improvement? Why is it necessary? Who benefits from having a Quality Improvement Team? What can we do to improve their performance? Quality improvement is a “structured
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• Benefits for the team- Benefits can range from experiencing pride through achievement or the satisfaction gained through the increased ability to make decisions on their own
If the quality improvement team is successful, both internal and external customers are satisfied with the services rendered. The ability to comply with the federal and state regulations and to meet community standards will increase and the likelihood of lawsuits will lessen. Most importantly, patient outcomes improve over time and are sustained which ultimately leads to less time dealing with crises and problems.

We have listed characteristics of a successful team and defined their purpose; the question now is how do we improve performance? How can we ensure that the quality improvement team is constantly looking for ways to improve services rendered? The answer is simple, by rewarding the team whether it is through monetary funds, or appraisals. “Performance appraisal and incentive pay programs will explicitly consider team member contributions”

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