Improving The Line Manager 's Essential Role Essay

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learn how to get the most out of the interview – and employee – is vital for any improvement in the line manager’s essential role in this process.

1. Allocate PAs strategically to overcome barriers such as work overload and a lack of time.
This may be achieved by scheduling PAs on days (and times) that are considered ‘quieter’ and will not cause stress by taking a manager and an employee off the floor while they are both on shift. Furthermore, spreading PAs among managers will decrease the workload and ideally mean managers will not try and ‘short-cut’ or do a poorer job to finish the PAs more quickly. This of course first requires more managers to be trained in how to conduct PAs efficiently and correctly; otherwise, the status quo will endure.

2. Assign one chief ‘PA’ line manager
A senior line manager that has gone through training and ideally expressed an interest/liking for PA should be appointed to a ‘head of PA’ type role. This would include overseeing PAs to ensure they occur twice a year, are conducted and followed up on properly and potential relationship biases are avoided. Should further steps be required to either improve an employee or looking at dismissing them, this manager should be highly involved in working towards an outcome that is most ideal for the organisation. Appointing someone who has an interest or liking for this type of HR area is important, as it help to avoid the often mentioned pitfall of an unenthusiastic manager failing to properly carry…

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