Improving The Learning Of English Essay

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Writing and Representing
Communication strategies have changed greatly over the last few decades. The advancement in technology has affected the communication. The language of words is gradually shifting to other forms of language. Such languages are used such as use of gestures, picture sound and movement. All this languages can be used to bring a blended form of language. This paper focuses on improving the learning of English in schools to produce better results. The paper explores the forms of language and how they can be blended to produce a more advanced communication skills.
In Australia, plans are underway to update the syllabuses used in teaching English to accommodate all the language forms. As a result, English K–10 Syllabus was developed. This syllabus was created to clarify learning of English from kindergarten to year 10. This was achieved buy close coordination between teachers and the education bodies. Thus, this essay explores the communication language in the written form composing on paper and screen texts as outlined by the English K-10 Syllabus.
The need to adjust the way we communicated was to accommodate all the needs of learners. Learners learn English not only to pass the subject but others too; in Australia, English is the instruction language for other subjects. Therefore, improving the syllabus should be addressed from different perspectives. These perspectives include; personal growth, critical literacy, culture heritage, cultural literacy and…

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